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Nurse Judy's Safety Class

Because sometime being a parent can be scary.

It can often feel so overwhelming to have a young baby! As a parent, the temptation to keep your children swaddled in a soft little blanket and never let them venture out into the world is enormous. Some of us would like to make our toddlers wear helmets as soon as they start to walk. Others would choose to feed their children pureed food until they are 10... Of course, we can't do that. We need to let them learn and grow (and eat).


Since I am often the first person a parent calls when their child gets hurt, I am all too familiar with many of life's most common hazards.

Just when I think I have seen absolutely everything, some enterprising child will come up with something completely new.

During this class I will give real examples of accidents and injuries.
When we know the pitfalls, it can help us prevent things from happening in the first place. I will also talk about how to stay calm and deal with emergency situations.

I will review burns, poisonings, pet safety, child-proofing tips as well as recognizing signs of a head injury.


This class includes basic first aid and choking rescue.

This class does not certify you for CPR.


This class is great for parents with children of any age, but it is most useful once  your child is starting to eat and have increased mobility.

For your first couple of months my strongest suggestions would be

*If you leave  your baby on any surface without having a hand on them they can fall ( I get this call weekly...don't let it be you)

*Please Do not have a hot drink in your hand when holding your baby



This class is useful for grandparents and nannies!
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