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Nurse Judy's Common Illness Class

"When should I be worried?"

Knowing when to reasonably worry is one of the hardest lessons that parents need to learn.
In my many years at Noe Valley Pediatrics, I have calmed down countless moms and dads who were in a panic over a mild virus.
On the other end of the spectrum, and much more of a concern are the parents who don't recognize that their child is very ill and needs immediate medical attention.
In this class we will learn rules about "when to worry."
Topics will include fevers, rashes, coughs, colds, and tummy bugs.
I  will talk about common seasonal illnesses and any other health issues that are on your minds.


I will review common medication dosages and how to stock your medicine chest
This class is fine for parents with children of any age, but I often suggest waiting until they are a few months old before taking it.
If your infant is under 2 months old and is ill, I expect you to be calling your physician, not figuring out how to manage things at home!
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