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Frequently Asked Questions

​Where are the classes held?

Until further notice Classes are  virtual. Come in your pajamas!

The good news is that you can be anywhere in the world and we can make it work!

Email me and we can set up a time that works.

How often do you hold the classes?

Classes are scheduled on demand

How much do the classes cost?

Standard fee is $100/ private session

Sliding scale is available.

All classes are pay what you are comfortable with.

I can even do it on a pay it forward basis

All parents should be able to have access to support and information

Payment is cash, check or

venmo @judy-kivowitz

How long do the classes last?


Most classes are 75 minutes ish. It depends on how many questions there are.

How large are the classes?

I am happy to do private classes or up to 20 people if you want to set up something with your mommy group

Can I bring my baby?

Well, this question is obsolete! But I am keeping it on here because I am an optimist and hope that some day I will be able to do in person classes again!

Do you cover CPR in the safety class?

​​ In my 40 years as a pediatric nurse, I am happy to note that only very rarely has  a parent in my practice actually  needed do CPR. Choking rescue is much more common. Because time is limited during the class, I focus on skills that are more commonly needed. That means choking rescue.

That being said, knowledge is always a good thing, and I certainly recommend that everyone gets certified for CPR.

Doing the choking demo via zoom is VERY limited/

​CPR classes are generally several hours long and a bit more expensive
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